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Even before Covid-19 reared its ugly head, ChromSolutions had already moved from a customer site visit to a training and support model that was remotely based. We now have expanded the appeal of this type of service to provide more cost efficient, responsive, and simpler 100% COVID free service. We have passed on our reductions to the customer as the costs and time to site has been eliminated using our remote ChromTelemetry™ option. As a credible bonus, we can carry out surveys and assessments of your instrumentation and laboratory setup at your convenience. The support can be provided remotely by communication by phone and e-mail utilising logical processes and forms developed from over 110 years combined experience working and dealing with customers in a variety of contrasting industries.


As with any significant purchase in life, a better result is obtained if you understand the process, the product and options that could benefit you immediately or in the future. Purchasing analytical instrumentation for a small company is often on a infrequent basis, therefore it is imperative that you are aware of these guidelines to make an informed decision. The customer can be easily swayed by glossy brochures, instrument specifications and features that may not be relevant to their area of work or application(s). This could result in a number of undesirable outcomes.

There are multiple factors to consider and we have written a free instrument purchasing quick reference guide for this purpose. Tap or Click here to view or download it. In addition to this we can offer bespoke consultation at all times during this process and also complete packages to minimise time delays and risks.

Assessments and Surveying

In addition to our instrument purchasing advice we can offer an assessment service on your current instrument and all aspects of how it is setup in your facilities. A list of these surveys and assessments can be seen in the table below and for further information please use our Contact Us page.

Purchasing and Assessment Overview

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