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Gas Chromatography kits:

32 position HS sample tray:

These trays can be supplied in a variety of colours and can have company logos or project designations/names printed on the sides of the tray.

Gas flow indicator:

The gas flow indicator holds a 2ml sample vial in which you place approximately 1ml of water. The inlet to the vial is through the cap on top of the flow indicator, (typically through a 1/16" stainless steel or Peek tubing). As the gas flows into the water in the vial bubbles are produced indicating a flow of gas. The unit can be hand held. The back of the body of the unit holds a magnet that can hold the unit in place against a metal surface. A small simple device but very useful when dealing with troubleshooting on gas sample valves, Column installation, split vent monitoring etc.

Products under development:

GSVi: fully automated gas calibration:

ChromSolutions are developing a gas sample vial, (GSVi) / flow through cell that will enable calibration gas to be analyzed automatically.

The GSVi can sit in a standard 32 position Headspace tray. The calibration gas mixture is then connected to the GSVi. The calibration gas mixture is automatically switched on; just before the calibration injection is required this allows the GSVi to be purged before injection. The autosampler then samples the GSVi in the normal way and makes the calibration injection.

This makes gas calibration fully automated with minimum contamination of air and extremely accurate sample volumes.

Initial testing has proved this arrangement works well. We are now in the process of collecting data from the GSVi and developing the electronics that runs the gas in/out switching. Watch this space for further updates.

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