ChromSolutions Ltd.

Sales and Marketing

ChromSolutions was formed in 2004

What we offer at ChromSolutions is our wealth of knowledge and experience in analytical instrument sales and support (over 110 years distributed through the members of our company). We use this knowledge and experience to help promote instruments, consumables and service products into the UK market.

We have a wide variety of key contacts within academia and industry that enable us to make sure the companies we represent will get the best possible market exposure for their products within the UK.

We also have a large customer database that allows us to target specific market segments to promote interest. This is done in a way that complies with the latest GDPR rules and regulations.

Sales and Marketing

We can:

How we operate

ChromSolutions work on a retainer basis. Our aim is to provide market intelligence of the relevant market segments and help our clients build a prospective client base as quickly and efficiently as possible. We undertake regular reviews of progress and like to work as closely as possible with clients. This helps build our understanding of the technologies involved to enable us to represent them in the most beneficial way.

Our retainer is worked out based on the activities we undertake, for example e-mailing, (use of data base), Site visits, shows exhibitions etc which we will plan with the client before we start to ensure full transparency.

We will never give away or sell our customer data base. However if prospective customers show interest in the company and products we represent and are happy to be approached for further discussion we will disclose customer details. This makes sure we comply with GDPR legislation.

Next Step

If you would like to proceed and open discussions with ChromSolutions along the lines of what we have written above, our contact details are given below.

We can start to put together a business development - sales and marketing plan for your company and products to help penetration into the UK market. We can also give ideas on costs depending on what you would like us to do on your behalf and the timescale you have.

Contact details for ChromSolutions:
Telephone: +44(0)7966 783845