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Even before Covid-19 reared its ugly head, ChromSolutions had already moved from a customer site visit to a training and support model that was remotely based. We now have expanded this type of service to provide more interesting, enticing, and efficient, 100% COVID free service. We have passed on our reductions to the customer as the costs and time to site has been eliminated using the remote ChromTelemetry™ option. As an added bonus we can assess problems/applications at your convenience, often outside laboratory working hours. This support can be provided by various remote support platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom etc however our preferred platform is the impressive TeamViewer due mainly to its advanced security aspects.

For more information on ChromTelemetry™/TeamViewer and there fascinating use within ChromSolutions please Tap or Click here to see/download this document.

Although we have a vast knowledge of analytical techniques and measurements our greatest expertise is in sample preparation, and all related GC and GC/MS techniques. From a hardware perspective we are highly knowledgeable in all the Varian GC and GC/MS hardware and we are experts in all Varian Star, Galaxie and MS Workstation and Bruker/Scion Compass and MS Workstation software. We also are very familiar with Agilent GC & GC/MS hardware and Chemstation, Open Lab and Mass Hunter.


With a diverse wealth of experience within ChromSolutions we can offer a comprehensive range of training services. This ranges from sample preparation techniques through to instruments, software, and reporting both from a theoretical and practical point of view. These training services are increasingly offered remotely through courses, presentation, videos and one to one bespoke instruction. The main advantage of training remotely is it can be offered in easy digestible bitesize portions at an optimum learning processes that is scheduled at a convenient time for the customer. This is particularly important when you have new equipment and software or new starters with your organisation. Please see below of table of theoretical and practical options you can combine and customise for any GC and GC/MS configuration.


Sample Preparation Injectors Columns Detectors/Misc
Headspace Packed Packed FID, TCD, FPD, PFPD, ECD, NPD
Purge & Trap Split/Splitless Micropacked GC/MS (EI) Full scan/SIM
SPME PTV Mega bore GC/MS (CI)
Liquid/Liquid Extraction On column Capillary GC/MS/MS (EI/CI)
Pyrolosis Large volume Multidimensional TOF
SPE Valves GC*GC Methaniser/Jetanizer™


In addition to the above support we offer training on the software itself to obtain the optimal data retrieval from your analysis and data sets. This can be manufacturer supplied software or bespoke software. Typical sections software is broken down into are acquisition, target analysis, calibration, unknowns, reporting and bespoke. These can be highly customised and covered at the most appropriate/convenient time for the customer in smaller digestible chunks.

3D Printing

ChromSolutions can help you develop the skills that will enable you to get the maximum use of a 3D printer and the associated software.

The courses aim to provide a fascinating understanding of the technology, and help you realise the vast potential of 3D printing. We will be offering greater insights into the history and the current powerful capabilities of 3D printing, the processes, materials and applications involved. No matter what your existing skill level or understanding of 3D printing, there will be compelling information to get you started in 3D printing. For more information on 3D Printing please Tap or Click here.

Further Support

Applications and Method Development

At ChromSolutions we also like to offer a complete solution for the customer, particularly if they are a smaller organization with limited knowledge in particular aspects of analytical measurement. Therefore, we can offer a bespoke service to method development and application support remotely. This proves highly cost effective and minimizes any future instrument downtime when a robust method, fit for purpose has been professionally developed and comprehensively tested. This could range from providing a quite simple 2 component mixture in a simple matrix using a simple GC configuration, to a >100 trace level targeted analysis involving multidimensional chromatography and complex extremely sensitive, specific and information rich detection. This could also be in a matrix that requires a significant amount of sample clean up. Details of options we offer are in the table at the foot of the page.

3D Printing

In addition to 3D Printing training we can also offer separate or combined design & prototyping support options.

We offer 2 main printing routes, depending on the number of printed objects required:

We can also offer support for your 3D printer purchase. We can advise on the materials you should consider for your application and provide informative instruction to get your printer setup and running.


ChromSolutions troubling shooting approach is different from any other organization. We approach it from the customer and result/reporting angle and therefore do not look for an instrument cause to a problem. The issue why the chromatogram/result maybe not as it should be could range from the sample preparation, through automation, the instrument, PC, software, and user knowledge and experience. This is increasingly more valuable as instrumentation can be more configurable and complex with the increasing use of automated sample extraction, multidimensional techniques, and bespoke software.

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